Lord Lawson Leads Shaky ‘Vote Leave’ EU Referendum Campaign Group

Climate science denier Lord Lawson continues to gain prominence in the Brexit debate as he is appointed as the temporary new chairman of Vote Leave.

At the same time, two so-called ‘controversial’ board members are dropped from the eurosceptic group.

Vote Leave’s chief executive Matthew Elliott and its campaign director Dominic Cummings were demoted, along with the group’s former chairman John Mills.

James McGrory, chief campaign spokesperson of Strong In, told the Telegraph: “Vote Leave have spent two days talking about emergency brakes, but it is clear that the wheels have come off their chaotic campaign.

“Sacking three board members and demoting their chairman is the sign of a flailing organisation which reacts to losing the argument by shuffling the deckchairs. Unbelievably, Lord Lawson may not even be chair in a few months’ time, being brought in just to ‘provide leadership’ for the beginning of the campaign.”

It seems climate science deniers are increasingly taking the charge when it comes to leading the Brexit campaign.

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