Welcome to DeSmog UK

Climate deniers in Britain reached the highest echelons in government and changed the international debate about global warming. We can prevent them undermining climate policy at home and abroad. 

You have arrived at DeSmog UK HQ at the very beginning of this journey. We are entering a world first created by corporate climate change deniers. We are confident that we can prevent oil and other vested interests polluting our democratic processes and misleading the public about the dangers of climate change. 

We are recruiting an international volunteer regiment of the curious and the concerned in this campaign to expose dishonesty and injustice. 

Together, we will do what we can to ensure that public policy is based on science rather than ideological propaganda. To effectively challenge the global climate denial movement we must first investigate, understand and expose their funding, their support networks and their tactics. 

The climate deniers will obfuscate, malign and use their influence to undermine our efforts. But we’re confident that we have science and ethics on our side. You can learn more about our endeavour and our investigative techniques. Brendan Montague, editor of DeSmog UK, is your guide. DeSmog UK is the UK’s climate denial detective agency—but you are the detectives.

The first thing you need to know about DeSmog UK is We Act Against the Fossil Fuel Industry's Reaction to Climate Change. Oil companies immediately understood the threat posed to their bottom line when climate science was only in its infancy. Their PRs came together and drafted a document with the heading, This Is What Victory Looks Like - and we need to be just as focused on our work.

To Effectively Challenge Climate Denial, we need to understand the cause. Therefore our primary work is investigative journalism, both to reveal the hidden oil funding but also to better understand people who genuinely believe environmentalists and scientists have conspired to exaggerate the risks. 

DeSmog UK does not have all the answers. And our aim is not to lecture you on what we have already learned. We want you to actively engage with this project. You're Smart, You're Online, You're Dedicated. And together we are investigating, exposing and better understanding the climate deniers.

This is citizen journalism and campaigning. And There Are Some Crucial Steps We Need TakeNow that you know what we are about, we hope You're Determined to Sign UpSo before you begin, come on inside, it's Time To Meet And Greet Your Staff

In case you missed it, your introductory guide to DeSmog UK is all here: 

1. We Act Against the Fossil Fuel Industry's Reaction to Climate Change

2. This Is What Victory Looks Like

3. To Effectively Challenge Climate Denial We Need to Understand the Cause

4. You're Smart, You're Online, You're Dedicated

5. There Are Some Crucial Steps We Need Take

6. You're Determined to Sign Up

7. Time To Meet And Greet Your Staff

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