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Meet the DeSmog UK Team:

KYLA MANDEL | @kylamandel

Kyla Mandel is Editor of DeSmog UK.

Kyla began working with DeSmog UK as deputy editor in November 2014 shortly after the project launched. During this time, she has broken numerous stories on energy policy, including one on the Koch Brothers' European lobbying efforts. In March 2015 she was appointed DeSmog UK's Editor.

She has also covered international climate science denial efforts in Rome and Washington D.C., and joined DeSmog's reporting team in December 2015 at the Paris COP21 climate conference.

Originally from Montreal, Canada, Kyla has been living in London for the past four years working for titles such as Green Futures Magazine, EnergyDesk and The ENDS Report. Her work has also appeared in Vice Canada, New Internationalist, Forbes Online, and The Guardian’s Sustainable Business channel. Kyla is currently researching climate refugees at Columbia University's graduate journalism school.

Past research has also involved extensive content analysis examining British media coverage on shale gas exploration and investigating events involving police brutality on the McGill University campus in Montreal during the 2012 province-wide student tuition protests. Kyla is a member of the National Union of Journalists.

MAT HOPE | @matjhope 

Mat Hope is Deputy Editor of DeSmog UK.

Mat began working with DeSmog UK in October 2016, shortly after the UK voted to leave the EU, and aims to expand our coverage of the country’s ever-changing political scene.

Mat previously worked as an Associate Editor for Nature Climate Change, and writer for Carbon Brief. He has experience covering all facets of the UK’s energy and climate change debate, from fact-checking denier positions to reporting on the government’s role in international negotiations.

Born in Cambridge, UK, Mat studied at the University of Bristol. In 2012, he completed his PhD on political communication strategies in US Congressional climate change debates, which won the Hilary Hartley prize as the best thesis in his department’s graduating class.

Mat is a member of the National Union of Journalists.


Brendan DeMelle is Executive Director and Managing Editor of DeSmogBlog.com. He is also a freelance writer and researcher specialising in new media, politics, climate change and clean energy.

Brendan has served as a research associate for Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., a researcher for Ring of Fire Radio, a researcher for Laurie David and StopGlobalWarming.org, a law and policy analyst for Environmental Working Group, a campus organiser for Connecticut Public Interest Research Group, and an environmental justice associate for EPA Region 10. 

DeMelle has provided writing and communications services on a wide range of topics, with demonstrable ability to simplify complex and technical issues into concise, accessible language for general public consumption. 

His work has appeared in Vanity FairThe Huffington PostGristThe Washington Times and other outlets, including a peer-reviewed article in the Journal of Rural History about the social and ecological impacts of the St. Lawrence Seaway and Power Project. 

He graduated from St. Lawrence University with a BA in Sociology and Environmental Studies in 1998, and lives in Seattle, Washington with his wife, Anne.

DeSmog UK was launched in September 2014 by its founding editor Brendan Montague. It joins DeSmogBlog in the United States and DeSmog Canada in uncovering the undue influence of climate science denial and the fossil fuel industry on energy and climate policy. 


DeSmog UK encourages intelligent, informed and robust debate. Commenters are encouraged to include links to supporting information as this helps enrich the conversation, especially when discussing climate change science. Users who make demonstrably false claims about the science may on occasion have their posts deleted. We believe this will assist readers in accessing more reliable information. DeSmog UK does not censor comments based on political or ideological points of view. We may delete comments that are abusive, off-topic or use offensive language.