INEOS fracking injunction continues

By Ruth Hayhurst, DrillorDrop

A judge has ruled that an injunction obtained against anti-fracking protesters by INEOS Shale should continue

Earlier this month, INEOS – the UK’s largest holder of shale gas exploration licences – asked the High Court to extend the order.

Two environmental campaigners who opposed the order argued it was “unprecedented” and “draconian” and should be dismissed.

On 23 November, Mr Justice Morgan ruled that the interim injunction should remain in place. The campaigners can appeal.  A future trial would be needed to make the order permanent.

Environmental Activist to Challenge INEOS over Anti-Fracking Protest Injunction

Joe Corre challenges INEOS

By Ruth Hayhurst at DrillorDrop.

The anti-fracking campaigner, Joe Corre, is to go to court next week to oppose an injunction brought by INEOS Upstream against shale gas protesters.

Corre, son of fashion designer, Dame Vivienne Westwood, said on 6 September:

Someone has to stand up against these disgusting bully boy tactics”.

Fracking Progress Stalled as Protesters Step Up Action Against Shale Gas Company Cuadrilla in Lancashire

fracking protest

By Laura Creighton, reporting from Lancashire

Two lorries attempting to make their way in and out of shale gas company Cuadrilla’s Preston New Road fracking site have been stopped in their tracks by protesters.

Two men managed to jump on top of the lorries after several people ran in front of them to slow them down. The first lorry was stopped at around 12.30pm, with the second vehicle mounted a couple of hours later.

Protesters said they expected them to remain on the lorries “for several hours”, disrupting supplies to and from the site.

Judge Grants Injunction for Cuadrilla’s Fracking Site – But Rejects Protest Area Proposal

Manchester civil justice centre

By Ruth Hayhurst, at Drill or Drop.

A High Court judge has granted an injunction outlawing public access to Cuadrilla’s shale gas site at Preston New Road, near Blackpool.

But his honour Philip Raynor QC refused the company’s application to exclude from the injunction a protest area on land about 175m from the site entrance.

He said the area, measuring 25m by 25m, was too small to be reasonable and could be a source of “increased anger” if protest was limited to it.

Links Made by Police Between Fracking Opposition and Domestic Extremism Challenged

Lancashire Fracking Opposition Sign

Controversial links made by the police between anti-fracking campaigners and domestic extremism are coming under scrutiny and challenge. Ruth Hayhurst of DrillOrDrop investigates.

In the past month, a policing monitoring group, a peer and two opponents of shale gas operations have called for greater care and openness in the use of the Government’s counter-terrorism strategy, Prevent.

Over the past year, evidence has emerged of connections made by police between anti-fracking campaigns and radicalisation. 

Conservatives the Only Political Party Still Rooting for Fracking

Fracking protest

The Conservatives have been left the only major political party in the UK to back fracking, after Labour on Monday announced it would introduce a ban if it wins the next general election.

Shadow energy and climate secretary, Barry Gardiner, told the Labour party conference on 26 September that the party has strengthened its previous policy on fracking: a moratorium until environmental conditions are met.

Gardiner told delegates: “Today I am announcing that the next Labour government will ban fracking in the UK.

Exclusive: Emails Reveal University of Glasgow's Attempt to ‘Silence’ Emeritus Prof Smythe Over His Views on Fracking

University of Glasgow

Bosses at the University of Glasgow were motivated to remove the email account and online privileges of emeritus professor of geophysics David Smythe because of his anti-fracking views, DeSmog UK can reveal.

Internal emails dating back to July 2014, obtained by Smythe through a Subject Access Request filing and seen by DeSmog UK, confirm his online privileges were revoked following a long-running dispute between the university and Smythe concerning his use of the university name when discussing the impacts of shale gas extraction.

The emails appear to contradict the university’s previous claims that the change in Smythe’s online privileges, removed in February this year, had been the result of a “routine review of email accounts in the School of Geographical & Earth Sciences.”

Are the Winds Changing on Fracking in Spain?

The UK isn’t the only country in Europe that’s gone full force for fracking. In Spain, like Britain, the government has consistently worked to incentivise the industry. But with an anti-fracking resolution agreed in the Spanish parliament this week, Samuel Martín-Sosa Rodríguez, international coordinator at environmental NGO Ecologistas en Accion, asks: could things be changing?

Spain’s conservative Popular party government was urged to ban fracking and cancel every existing licence, including those for exploratory drilling, during a non-binding vote this week.

During the first official meeting of the Parliament’s Industry Committee on 29 March the anti-fracking resolution was approved by a majority of the political parties.

Like the UK, Spain has been a strong and open supporter of fracking in Europe. That’s why this resolution is of such great political significance – it signals a potential trend-change on the issue for the country.

It's Not Over Yet. The Fight Against Fracking in Lancashire Continues

It is now four months since Lancashire County Council announced its shock decision to block two planning applications from Cuadrilla to carry out fracking in Lancashire. But the end is still not in sight. Appeals, judicial reviews and the governments current policy changes mean anti-fracking activists are having to continue their campaigning efforts.

And their latest efforts have just seen them take home a small victory. They have been granted a judicial review of the planning permission that allows Cuadrilla to carry out seismic monitoring at the Roseacre Wood site.

Anti-Fracking Activists-Turned-Politicians Challenged MPs at the Polls in Lancashire

While climate change barely got a mention in the national election debates, in Lancashire the issue of fracking was by no means sidelined in the run-up to election night.

Since the news of Lancashire County Council’s announcement to further delay its decision on two Cuadrilla fracking licences until after the election, fracking stories have continued to make the news and some polls even suggested that this issue would impact local election outcomes.

Most recently, Lancashire fracking made headlines on April 27 after pro-fracking Tory MP Sir Nicholas Soames was branded a ‘nimby’ for saying Lancashire – not his home county of Sussex – should be used as the test bed for fracking.

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