Is There Hope for the Climate in Scotland After Election Shake-Up?

Scotland election 2017

For the UK Conservative party, Scotland will be seen as one of the few successes of an otherwise miserable 2017 general election campaign.

Despite the loss an overall parliamentary majority and Prime Minister Theresa May’s failed plan to transform her party’s huge poll lead to a domineering presence in Westminster, the Tories somersaulted their 2015 election win of a single Scottish seat, this time taking 13.

This is the biggest surge since the Tory’s Scottish collapse following the 1980s, and will leave many – in a country vastly proud of its anti-Tory stance – wondering what happened.

MPs Slam Anti-Wind Power Campaigners: You Seriously Want To Go Back to Fossil Fuels?

Anti-wind campaigners and climate science deniers were slammed by MPs today for supporting fossil fuels and ignoring the costs of climate change during a government committee session on renewable energy in Scotland.

Three of the four people invited to give evidence during the House of Lords' Scottish Affairs committee hearing on 13 April were from groups known for their stance against wind power: the Scientific Alliance Scotland, Scotland Against Spin, and the Renewable Energy Foundation and Global Warming Policy Foundation.

But as committee chair and SNP MP, Pete Wishart, put it to them: “The days of coal power generation are surely over given the global concerns about global warming [and] the Paris Agreement… so what would we power the country with?”

MPs Call on Government to ‘Urgently’ Remove Clause On Public Funding that Could Stifle Scientific Criticism

More than 30 MPs are calling on the UK government to “urgently reconsider” a new clause that would block researchers who receive government grants from using their results to influence policy.

The motion, tabled by the SNP’s Tommy Sheppard, argues this ‘anti-lobby’ clause leaves the government “vulnerable to accusations of stifling criticism and informed debate about the consequences of its policies.”

Critics of the new clause said it amounted to a “muzzling” of scientists and could impact on key policy areas, including climate change.

The General Election and Fracking – What do the Manifestos Say?

After two televised debates and several manifesto launches, the 2015 general election is well and truly underway.

Promises, pledges and plans are being churned out by political parties on an industrial scale. However, what does each of the party’s manifestos say it will do about fracking, if elected?

Fracking will likely be a key issue for people living in constituencies with permit applications for shale oil and gas sites.

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