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Using ‘Love’ to Tell the Story of Climate Change at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Climate Theatre: The Hero Who Overslept

There was a graph. Then there were some balloons. And then they started dancing.

You find some pretty weird things at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. But I can (almost) guarantee there’s only one show with a waltzing climate change Prof.

The Hero Who Overslept is a two-man “lecture-drama hybrid” that its creators say tries to take climate change science out of the world of “thinky thinky” and into the realm of “feely feely”.

What Can We Learn From Brexit About The Way We Talk About Climate Change?

Cameron versus Farage Brexit campaign advert

The Remain campaign was an object case in bad communications, one from which there is much to learn, argues George Marshall, director of projects at Climate Outreach, a charity working to increase public understanding and awareness of climate change.

The tragedy for the Remain campaigners is that the principles of good engagement were already well known, not least from the field of climate change communications.  

Mistakes are forgivable, but there is no excuse for stumbling down a path that is already littered with the wreckage of previous attempts to motivate public opinion – or then, as your support haemorrhages, doubling down on a losing strategy.

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