How the UK’s Climate Science Deniers (and Government) Reacted to Trump’s Paris Agreement Withdrawal

Government minister tweets

President Trump has withdrawn the US from the Paris Agreement. In typical Trump fashion, he managed to appease his base while ensuring the rest of the world keeps giving him the attention he craves.

Brexit Climate Deniers Launch Coordinated Attack Against Green Regulations Ahead of Election

Windmills and smoke stacks

The Brexit climate science deniers have over the weekend launched a coordinated attempt to persuade the UK to cut green regulations ahead of Theresa May revealing the Conservative Party’s 2017 general election manifesto.

In op-ed columns and letters to the editor in both The Times and The Telegraph members of climate science denying and neoliberal think tanks have criticised the UK Climate Change Act for increasing energy prices and called for looser regulations once we leave the European Union.

Those authoring the columns and heading up the letters belong to a small yet influential group of hardline Euro-climate sceptics as revealed by DeSmog UK last summer.

Peer Repeatedly Asks Why Government Believes in Global Warming, Always Gets Same Answer: Because, Science

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It’s not just a broken record, it’s a broken record that has been glued back together and put on an increasingly wonky turntable.

DeSmog UK previously revealed how climate science denying Lord Donoughue had been wasting ministers' time and taxpayers’ money by spamming the government with 25 questions over 15 months about obscure climate models.

And he’s at it again.

Over the past five months he has asked Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) ministers four times why they are confident saying the climate is warming. In each case, he’s been pointed back to the mass of scientific research that shows it is.

Donoughue’s questions are not a surprise. He sits on the board of trustees of former chancellor Nigel Lawson’s climate science denying think tank, the Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF).

GWPF Science Editor Promotes Freedom to Spread Inaccuracies, MPs Disagree

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Efforts by the science editor of the climate denying think tank, the Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF) to promote individuals' freedom to make “factually inaccurate” statements on important scientific issues in the media were ignored by MPs in a new report out today.

The House of Commons' Science and Technology committee today concluded its inquiry into science communication, including reasons for public mistrust in scientific reporting. In written evidence to the inquiry, the GWPF's David Whitehouse said, “Some argue that free speech does not extend to misleading the public by making factually inaccurate statements. But it does”. 

But despite Whitehouse's best attempts — including not declaring his role with the GWPF in his submission — the committee's report takes a strong stance in support of accurate science journalism and recommends that the government ensure “a robust redress mechanism is provided for when science is misreported”.

Mail on Sunday Corrects Warming ‘Pause’ Error, Deflects Blame

Mail on Sunday headline and correction

It’s not always easy to own up to mistakes. So the Mail on Sunday deserves some credit for correcting an error it made reporting average global surface temperatures.

But it’s still unclear how the error came about.

In an article on February 19, Mail on Sunday journalist David Rose wrote that “the world average temperature in January 2017 was about the same as January 1998”. The article implied this was evidence for a global warming ‘pause’ — an argument of which climate science deniers are fond, no matter how many times scientists point out its failings.

The statement appeared in a follow up article to an ‘investigation’ that was widely criticised for trying to unfairly stir up scientific controversy.

The Top 12 DeSmog UK Investigative News Stories of 2016

From Exxon’s anti-EV lobbying to the web of Brexit climate deniers, 2016 has been dominated by behind the scenes influencing from industry and ideologues alike in attempt to weaken Britain’s efforts to tackle climate change and move towards cleaner forms of energy.

DeSmog UK remains dedicated to investigating the individuals and organisations that have helped to delay and distract the public and our elected leaders from taking needed action to reduce greenhouse gas pollution and fight global warming (though sometimes those are our elected leaders).

We also work hard to uncovering the misinformation – and disinformation – clouding the national conversation on climate change. From those using renowned scientific institutions to bolster misleading claims about climate science to groups producing false reports about the cause of global warming, we help shine a light on what’s false.

Climate Denier Group GWPF Isolated As It Calls on Government to Scrap Clean Energy Plans After Brexit

Lord Nigel Lawson

Climate science denial group, the Global Warming Policy Forum (GWPF), has told Lords that the government should conduct a “wholesale re-evaluation of its decarbonisation policies”, “urgently amend the Fifth Carbon Budget”, and reconsider “all relevant EU legislation” in the wake of Brexit.

Of the 64 written submissions to an inquiry by the House of Lords’ Economic Affairs Committee, the GWPF’s was the only one to suggest Brexit should lead the government to revise the UK’s climate plans.

The committee is conducting a post-Brexit inquiry into “The Economics of UK Energy Policy”. It was accepting written evidence until September 30, and will continue to gather oral evidence over the coming weeks for a report due in 2017.

Scientists Reject GWPF Climate Denial Lecture Delivered at Royal Society, World’s Oldest Scientific Academy

Matt Ridley

Climate science denier Matt Ridley delivered a lecture at the Royal Society last night. Despite assertions that the event would focus on climate policy, the speech was full of junk science.

The Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF) booked the room at the Royal Society for its annual lecture, delivered by Ridley – a well-known climate denier with a financial stake in the coal industry.

As the world’s oldest scientific institute, the Royal Society had come under internal pressure to cancel the booking as it was widely expected that the GWPF would use the opportunity to promote its unscientific views on climate change.

The Royal Society defended the decision to allow the event to proceed on the basis that the event would focus on climate change policy – an area it says is open for valid debate.

In the event, it was climate denialism as usual for the GWPF.

World’s Oldest Scientific Academy, the Royal Society, to Allow Climate Denying GWPF Lecture to Go Ahead Despite Internal Opposition

The Royal Society

The Royal Society will be going ahead with the controversial Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF) annual lecture next week despite internal pressure to cancel the event, DeSmog UK has learned.

The decision to allow the lecture to go forward was made during the Royal Society’s governing council meeting last week where several fellows and associates of the society raised concern over the climate science denying GWPF’s 17 October event.

As DeSmog UK understands, there was a strong sense among many at the meeting that the Royal Society – the world’s oldest scientific academy, founded in 1660 – had made a mistake in accepting the booking for the GWPF’s ‘by invitation only’ lecture to be delivered by Matt Ridley.

Climate Denial Group Global Warming Policy Foundation Books Royal Society Venue for Matt Ridley Lecture

Matt Ridley

This is a guest post from ClimateDenierRoundup crossposted from Daily Kos.

Last week we talked about a group in the UK who tried, but ultimately failed, to use a respected institution as the venue for a denial conference in an effort to drum up headlines.

Now the Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF) is looking to try their luck at the same ploy — booking space at the Royal Society for a lecture from Matt “King Coal” Ridley.

In a statement published on New Scientist, the Royal Society defended its decision to rent out space to the GWPF.


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